"Great concert....what pleased us most was the way you were able to ‘go with the flow’ of all the ages that were in the audience" - Marnie Reber, Mendon Public Library, Honeoye Falls, NY

"I can tell
you enjoy
your job" 

Carol Brown,
GN Chapman School,
Randolph NY

Just for Fun!
Dave brings along his banjo, guitar, bones, spoons, washboard and jaw harp for a special program full of musical fun. Audience members will delight in seeing and learning a bit about these instruments up close while enjoying some great participatory songs performed on each. Expect singalongs, movement songs, laughter, guessing games, even a few cartoon themes.....some audience members may even be invited to come up on "stage" and join in the fun with Dave!

"Thank you for a great show. Your ability to involve both the children and adults in the audience made it a truly enjoyable night" Darren Miller, Program Director, Adirondack Lakes Center for the Arts, Blue Mountain Lake NY

One World, Many Stories
created for the 2011 NYS Library Summer Reading Program
With guitar, Indian tabla drum, European octave mandolin, traditional Native American cowhorn rattles and more, Dave Ruch leads the audience on a fun-filled musical journey across the world. Children become active participants in the program as they sing along (in English, Nigerian, Italian, Japanese, Russian and Iroquois!), answer questions, play musical games and act out songs. Some audience members will even be invited "on stage" to play the Iroquois rattles, and (for groups of 100 or less) all will have a chance to touch and play one of the instruments after the concert.

Topics covered include the unique ways in which people around the world live (past and present), and perhaps most importantly, the many similarities that we all share. Dave also talks about his own eye-opening trip to India in 1992. 45 minutes long, adaptable for all ages

"We all loved your performance....you sure do live up to all the great things people say about you!" Jamie Basiliere, Director, Child Care Council of the North Country, Plattsburgh NY

Songs from New York State!
Take a musical trip across New York State with songs and stories from various characters and places around the Empire State. You'll learn to sing a song in the Iroquois language, make animal sounds on an old song your grandparents’ grandparents probably sang (not Old McDonald!), laugh at the lyrics of authentic NY State children’s songs and rhymes, hoist the sails together with Dave while singing a Great Lakes chantey, learn of a circus owner who was the first to stick his head in a lion’s mouth, and much more...smiling, laughing, participating and learning as you go!

"A great hit with the children and adults" Ruth Cook, Children’s Services, New Hartford Public Library, New Hartford NY

The Native Americans of New York State!
Dave brings along his guitar and traditional Iroquois instruments for an informative session that’s also alot of fun! All ages will delight in learning about New York State’s early inhabitants while singing along (in English and Iroquois!), acting out songs and playing some authentic instruments.

"Swan Library highly recommends Dave Ruch. Fun, informative and crowd pleasing....he is tops in his field" Michelle Watt, Children’s Librarian, Swan Library, Albion NY

The Erie Canal!
A treasure trove of songs and stories that washed ashore with the workers, captains, passengers and crews of "Clinton’s Ditch", all presented with lots of audience participation. This engaging program will entertain and enlighten, and features a variety of stringed and other musical instruments from canal days.

"We were so impressed by your performance - we’ve been telling everyone we know how enjoyable it was. You kept the audience enthralled" Sandy Gillard & Amy Josyln, Children’s Services, Richmond Memorial Library, Batavia NY

Special Themed Programs
A wide variety of other program ideas can be explored with the artist, with themes including songwriting, music as a career, music of the settlers/pioneers, rural America, Harvest Festivals, etc.

"It is so wonderful to see parents and children enjoying singing along together, and I think the opportunities to do so are so few and far between...thank you for making this happen for our families" Karen Dearing, Co-Director, Westminster Early Childhood Program, Buffalo NY

For booking information 716-884-6855